Get Yourself Those KFC Canada Promotions

Get Yourself Those KFC Canada Promotions


Loyal customers are sometimes brought by significant acts that the company made like rewarding restaurant customers with KFC Canada Promotions. Promotions are usually made for you to get to know a new product or even a comeback of an old product that has not been in the menu for some time.

These promotional strategies also provide you with membership options to know the best deals and future discounts before they even start. A promo may even be your reason why you became a KFC fanatic or why you came to like a certain recipe from the menu.

Online networking social sites are now also utilized as effective public notification mediums for all affiliate branches of the world’s number one chicken restaurant chain. So how do you use these sites to avail some KFC Canada deals? You can check the company’s facebook official website. Information and current events happening around the company such as new recipes or reintroduction of old ones are easily accessible. A very good example would be the return of the Double Down recipe.

Double Down recipe.

This recipe made from two pieces of cheese, two bacon slices, and Sanders secret sauce squashed in between by two chicken original recipe has not been in the Canadian KFC menu for a while. Do you miss other recipes? If so, then their facebook page should be on your list. Also make sure to check their wall posts while you are there, instant promos that could only be redeemed at certain hours of that day are posted. Promos like this are often on a first read first to get the promo basis.

A much more updated networking site they have is their Twitter account. Special promos and deals like the chance to get $25 KFC gift card for free and the Double Down give away in Stony Plain Road Edmonton are easily viewed for everyone to check and join. Just be reminded that their tweets are also instant promos.

The $25 KFC gift card is for the first five people to tweet KFC their photo eating Double Down while the free Double Down giveaway was only available in Edmonton at 3 PM to 6PM. So always check your phone, you may be in the right place at the right time to get an instant promo.

KFC Canada Promotions are generously available for everyone, Facebook and Twitter are proofs that rewards await you out there.