Kentucky Fried Chicken opened in 1952

Kentucky Fried Chicken opened in 1952


The first restaurant to be named Kentucky Fried Chicken opened in 1952.

This expanded greatly in the 1960s, as Kentucky Fried Chicken wound up being sold in over 600 franchised outlets in both the United States and Canada.

The Sanders’ secret flavor recipe including the fabled 11 herbs and spices used to create the famous fried chicken remains a trade secret.

Portions of the secret spice mix are made at different locations in the United States, and the only complete, handwritten copy of the recipe is kept in a vault in corporate headquarters.


KFC’s specialty is fried chicken

KFC’s specialty is fried chicken which comes in a variety of forms. KFC’s primary products are pressure fried chicken prepared with the fabled Original Recipe. Another chicken offering called extra crispy, is said to be made with the chicken marinated in garlic, followed by a double dipping in flour batter before being deep fried in the industrial kitchen.

Other than their famous fried chicken, the majority of KFC restaurants serve side dishes such as coleslaw as well as a variety of potato based dishes including potato wedges, french fries and mashed potatoes, usually with gravy. Depending on the location, a local KFC can serve biscuits, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, macaroni salad, rice, steamed vegetables and even corn on the cob.

Originally introduced as a limited edition product, the Double Down sandwich has now become a regular part of KFC’s menu. It contains bacon, two melted sheets of cheese, the Colonel’s secret sauce in between two pieces of Original Recipe chicken fillets.

KFC has also expanded from its original lineup of food products to include new foods such as the Kentucky Grilled Chicken. This particular product is marketed for health conscious customers, featuring a marinated chicken coated with seasonings before being grilled. It is said to contain less fat, calories, and sodium compared to the Original Recipe fried chicken.

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