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NEW KFC coupons and specials


Fast food from KFC is already quite affordable, but for people on a fixed income like the elderly or college students, budgeting with fast food coupons can make their lives a little easier. Fast food coupons can help consumers to save a bit of money each time they are used, but over the period of a couple months the savings can be quite large.

Fast food coupons can be used at KFC for a variety of items on the menu.

Not only does this restaraunt offer Value meals at an affordable price, they also offer healthier food options such as the Tendercrisp Garden Salad and the Tendergrill Garden Salad.

Both salads are made with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, onions and tomatoes with your choice of crispy or grilled chicken as well as shredded cheese and numerous salad dressings.


If you use these coupons there is no way you WONT save money on your monthly food bill. Take the family out to KFC with coupons and get the most out of your hard working cash this month.


KFC: $3.99 Chicken Fried Steak Meal on Wednesdays @ ( Kfc.com/Coupons )


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