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New KFC Coupons For Deals


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KFC: What Makes There Chicken So Irresistible

Good food is not all about the ingredients but more on the preparation, combination, and the little secrets surrounding every KFC menu. The combination of Sanders’ eleven secret herbs and spices are just one of them.

KFC Chicken Most Famous Recipes


We all know about the original recipe of Colonel Sanders. It is what got him and KFC very famous. The eleven herbs and spices drizzled in those chicken plus the skills of an excellent frying cook does make it really tasty.

The Kentucky Grilled Chicken on the other hand is meticulously prepared with a blend of six herbs and spices. It is then marinated and cooked using customized and patented ovens truly making it their second little secret.

A demand also for a crunchier chicken is answered with the invention of Extra Crispy. This recipe is served after it was coated with a flaky breading and then fried until golden brown.

The so called Wings this time is famous because of its unique seasoning and then fried to be perfectly crispy. You can also choose from three different flavors namely: Fiery Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and Sweet and Spicy.

These recipes seem to meet everyone’s chicken dreams. If not they would not be famous at all.



Another recipe for all of those who are always on the rush and cannot really sit still is the Original Strips. This creation is made using the eleven secret herbs and spices of Sanders. It is also boneless and available in three other flavors.



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